When you have healthy employees, your company reaps the benefits. A correctly designed wellness program can increase productivity, boost moral and reduce stress.

Wellness Incentive Plan

Biometric results from an examination or screening conducted anytime between May 12th, 2018 and October 31, 2018 will count as eligible for the Deductible Period.

Beginning January 1, 2019 – the Mayfield Medical Benefit Plan will have a baseline deductible of $1,000/single or $2,000/family per calendar year.

All employees have an opportunity to earn credits against the deductible by either (a) meeting the biometric target, or (b) showing 5% improvement from the prior year’s screening, or (c) submitting a physician’s certification form with a medical professional’s certification that you are being treated for the condition being evaluated.

Six (6) potential credits for $125/single or $250/family are available for the following activities and targets:

Activity Based:

  • Participate In The Screening
  • Tobacco Free

Biometrics Based:

  • BMI at 30 or below
  • Cholesterol at 240 or below
  • Blood Pressure at 140/90 or below
  • Blood Sugar at 100 or below or 6% a1c or below

Details on the new program and the Physician’s Certification Form can be to the right.